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18 7月

Profile: FUJIYOSHI Takao

He was born in 1971 in Hokkaido. He graduated from the Image Engineering Department of Chiba University, and finished the Graduate School of Political Science, Waseda University. Joining AXIS Inc. in 1992 and then Fusosha Publishing Incorporated in 1994 (mainly in charge of Weekly SPA!), he went independent as a freelance photographer/science and technology writer in 2002. He was dispatched to Al Jazeera TV in Qatar through the exchange program of the World Federation of Science Journalists in 2008. He assumed the position of specially appointed assistant professor in Nagoya University in 2010, and specially appointed associate professor of Hokkaido University in 2014. He is currently a specially appointed specialist at a research institute. He is a member of Japanese Society for Science and Technology Studies and the Photographic Society of Japan.

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